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Lead Consultant, IT Security (Governance, Risk & Compliance)

Review and development of security framework, information security
policies, processes / procedures and guidelines on an ongoing basis.
Establish compliance with these policies / procedures through ongoing
security reviews and audits, not limited to log analysis and security
assessment of customer ICT systems
To conduct security risk management exercise
To conduct table-top exercises
To conduct vulnerability assessment, coordinate penetration tests
To conduct information security awareness training
Responsible for the development and management of customer's
security incident response plan.
To lead and support customer in the matters of security incident
resolution and response.
Point-of-contact/customer liaison to assist and advise customer for ICT
security related matters


In the area of security audit, compliance and security governance:-

Years of IT Experience: Minimum 1-4 Years (Junior), 4-7 Years (Senior), 7 Years and above (Lead)
Work Experience: Minimum1-4 Years (Junior), 4-7 Years (Senior), 7 Years and above (Lead)
Strong understanding of information security principles, ISO 27001 and PCI Security Standard is preferred
Good working knowledge of security risk management, security governance framework and compliance (IT Security Audit / log review), technical vulnerability management (Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration testing), application security, security technologies (system hardening, IDS/IPS, firewall), security incident response and security assessment
Customer-focused with good interpersonal skills
Team player with leadership qualities

Possess one (or more) of the following security certifications: CISSP/CISA/CISM/ISMS Lead Auditor Certification
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Systems
College-educated applicants, but at minimum, high school diploma or equivalent is required for employment


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